Art is life, poetry,
tenderness and sensitivity.


My art is passionate and convergent with several faces in yourself, especially when I refer to memories and fantasies, always taking as a starting point my endless revelations dreamlike aesthetic submitting a proposal that allows the balance between form and color hierarchies throughout its length, leaning on the many manifestations of the senses. This is demonstrated by my series of drawings depicting the absurdity of dreams and irrationality of genuine feelings that come from my subconscious inherited uncontrollable thoughts, expressed through form, color, light and shadow.

"The art of painting is expressed with poetic passion,
interpreted through the artist’s brush and captured on canvas.
Art is life, poetry, tenderness, sensitivity."

El Atardecer Sucumbe A La Noche (2)

Acrylic on paper Size 23 x 30 x 0.1 in Year 2015

Tiñe la sangre el mar tranquilo, muy pausada lo transforma,
le entrega olor, color y lo deforma, aunque la tierra
en desacuerdo salva su vida que está en un hilo.

Reflection vida se mueve armónica, silenciosa y consonante,
en cada instante, en cada rincón, en cada punto,
te pone un muro, una puerta, un estandarte,
es la magia para cualquier visitante,
sea de carne y hueso o de papel...

No Hay Banco En El Parque Rojo

“Duerme Al Sol Sin Gladiolos”

Buying Art
Buying artwork can be expensive but,
can be valuable someday.

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I believe in all art forms