Hanging a painting on the wall
is like having a window in the room.


Lorenzo's painting combines shades showing footloose and pictorial conventions that are located within the batch of new figuration. Intense lyrical where color acquires transparency and delicacy to impregnate the fabric of the purest psychic contents, to give the feel of a painting of cosmic intuition that dispenses with the morphological elements, acquiring independent life, in which he writes his amazing palette places covering the world of the infinitely small and large, resulting in a fusion of emotional equations and intellectuals.
Decomposes and composes the image giving it many connotations that support the symbolic nature of the pieces. Those active relationship with scenarios that are recorded in the emotional memory of the viewer, revealing a great technical proficiency in the use of colors, soft, wavy lines that emphasize the rhythmic cadence in these creations.

"Similar to the Ying and Yang symbol,
it can represent the perfect balance of life"
Acrylic on paper

"Women and fruits are aphrodisiac
by nature"
Acrylic on paper

"Finding something in life may 
be the most difficult thing"
Acrylic on paper

My Artwork
I believe in all art forms