Trees and its fruits are essential to the lives of humans and animals on this planet
called Earth, a fundamental food base at all times.
This is why planting and care are vital to all living beings in general.
Trees and fruits are also used by many artists as symbols
in their artwork in all tendencies and times.
So almost all my works have trees and at least one fruit as a symbol in my artworks, symbols of prosperity, fertilization, of creation, of wealth, of scarcity. I also use it as change is politically or socially, as a symbol of something elusive.
All these artworks are made in acrylic and ink on paper or canvas and most were completed in 2015.

This piece has a significant importance to me, because I created the artwork in Cuba in 1993.
This represents all Cubans living in nightmare to be free, and the progressive destruction of my country.
I made this in Cuba and brought it with me to the United States in 1995.
This creation inspires me to continue my work as an artist.
This artwork, named “Pesadilla”, painted in watercolor and ink on paper, with a size of 25 x 20 inches.
The piece is not for sale because I use it as a logo for my job, but a high price could come into consideration.

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