Art is a manifestation that only
humans can create and interpret.


Lorenzo Muriedas was born on January 1st, 1959 in Habana, Cuba. Since childhood, Lorenzo showed a deep and profound inclination for the arts, participating in various painting contests throughout his elementary, secondary, and high school education.
He belonged to the “Hermanos Saiz Association” from 1984 to 1993.
He attended and graduated from Higher Polytechnic Institute “José Antonio Echevarría” as Chemical Engineer in 1987.
He attended different courses between the years 1988 and 1990 in National School of Arts (ENA) as well as conferences and seminars in Superior Institute of Arts (ISA) from which he would have loved to graduate.
He collaborated as an artist in several productions for art videos about contemporary Cuban arts and artists like: Ever Fonseca, Zaida del Rio, Nelson Dominguez and Roberto Fabelo.
It has been said about Mr. Muriedas that he has exhibited a very unique, surrealistic and distinctive style of his own.


In the late 90s he began writing poems for his very strong inclination to poetry, for him poetry and painting have a close relationship so he decided to devote some time to poetry. It currently has more than 700 poems completed, including sonnets and poetry-themed free love, free and social sense with some touches in politics.
In 2011 he managed to publish one of his poems entitled "Blue" in a book published in the United States with the English name "Star in Our Hearts: Revelation" by World Poetry Movement. It is the only Spanish poem in the book.
In 2012 he won first place in the “Great Poets America” poetry contest held in Washington, D.C., with the sonnet entitled “Anhelo”.


Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro. Havana, Cuba 1991, The Burrow. Havana, Cuba 1992, Museum of Maximo Gómez. Havana, Cuba 1992 and 1993, Havana Cathedral Art Exhibition, Havana, Cuba 1993, The Bohemia Arts Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida, USA 2002, Saint Louis Catholic Church. Pine Crest, Florida, USA 2003, Botticelli Trattoria Art Exhibition, Miami, Florida, USA 2004, Coral Gables International Art Center, Miami, Florida, USA 2006, Auction Exhibition Hyatt Hotel, Miami, Florida, USA 2006, Exhibition in Art Gallery Havana 305 Miami, Florida, 33135, USA 2015.


This artwork, named “Pesadilla”, painted in watercolor and ink on paper, with a size of 25 x 20 inches, came with me to the U.S because to me it has a special meaning. It’s the logo for my business as an artist, my websites, blog and everything that has to do with my artwork. It is the only piece I have of all my works of art that was created in Cuba. It has been a great inspiration to continue my creative work. This piece is not for sale because I use it as a logo for my business, but if anyone is willing to give me a good offer for this piece I might take it into consideration.

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